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Food at your fitness and wellness adventure

Do you want to know where we get the produce used to make your meals at the Wild Atlantic Vitality Experience? Look out your window then go out into our chefs’ gardens. Look out to the ocean. Look into the fields. Each of our fitness and wellness retreat locations provide a different active food experience. Whatever your reasons for joining us at this fitness and wellness retreat on the Wild Atlantic Way you won’t be disappointed by the food.

No mass-produced cheap food from multiples

In this age of mass production small growers, farmers, fishermen are becoming rarer. We see it in restaurants where claims of sourcing produce locally are regularly proven to be false and merely a marketing ploy. We see supermarkets claiming “organic” when in fact they aren’t. We could go that route and it would certainly be a cheaper option but we want to bring you the best of what the land and sea on our small island can generously give us.


At your WAVE  fitness and wellness adventures there are NO fad diets. This is not a weight loss camp. This is a fitness and wellness retreat not a retreat from nutritious great tasting food. How can you have an active holiday if you are starving? The standard fitness/weight loss retreats or camps have two things in common: large amounts of classes to burn loads of calories and very low calorie meals.

At your WAVE fitness and wellness adventure you will provided with nutritious tasty food. If you want to supplement that with a glass of wine or an ice cream that’s up to you. It’s YOUR adventure!


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