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Our Story

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The WAVE is an Irish-US collaboration. We are David Sisk, Kristi Konieczny, and Vilma Zyvatkauskaite – internationally recognised wellness entrepreneurs who seek to elevate their clients health through lifestyle choices. Our unique talents and extensive research will give you exactly the support and motivation needed on your Wild Atlantic Vitality Experience.

The WAVE (Wild Atlantic Vitality Experience) is a carefully crafted luxury fitness and wellness adventure inspired by the rugged beauty and culture of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way (WAW) which traverses its way from Donegal in the north-west, to Cork in the south. This is not your ordinary fitness retreat.

Kristi’s thoughts on the WAVE fitness and wellness retreat

Kristi Koniecyzny (pictured on the upper right of this happy picture)  has been in the spa and wellness sector for over 20 years. Her other business, the Spa Buzz, puts together retreats for the top spa and wellness industry professionals in the USA. She also organizes these retreats for those who have a global presence (Four Seasons, Fairmont, Marriott, etc). Kristi’s motivation for the luxury health retreat that is the WAVE comes from wanting people to have time to recharge, recenter and walk away with exceptional memories.  An investment in the WAVE is an investment in one’s health and well-being.

With our combined professional expertise in fitness and wellness of sixty years we are pioneering a new approach to fitness and wellness holidays and retreats located in Ireland. Galvanised by the majesty of the Irish coast, the history of the people and the awe-inspiring beauty of the locations, we made a commitment which led to the creation of WAVE. Our commitment is to live this short, intense crazy life to the max. And to help others to do the same.

Vilma’s thoughts on the WAVE fitness and wellness retreat

Vilma’s story began in Lithuania where she was completing her degree in Physical Education while representing her country in handball. She moved to Ireland in the early 2000s where she had an opportunity to work at David Sisk Fitness. She grasped the opportunity with both hands and soon became group and personal training leader. She leads the nutrition coaching on our retreats. Vilma feels that this offering we have created is so much more than a traditional fit-camp; this is like an active holiday for the body and soul.

Whether you are joining us for weight loss or for fitness or for a sense of wellness or adventure this will be something different. This is an adventure back to nature, back to peace, back to strength.  This adventure will rejuvenate your cells and re-awaken your spirit for living. This is not your typical fitness and wellness bootcamp. This is more for people who want more from their health retreat.

David’s thoughts on the WAVE fitness and wellness retreat

David Sisk has been in the fitness and wellbeing industry for more than 25 years. He completed his Master of Science in Sport degree at Miami University, Ohio where he met Kristi and they’ve been friends ever since. His core business, David Sisk Fitness, has completed close to 70,000 personal training and nutrition coaching sessions and is the longest running in Cork, Ireland. For David the WAVE is about getting out of “the box”. The box could be the same life routines, the same eating routines, the same exercise routines, the same work routines. The box could be a belief that you are only capable of doing certain things because that’s what you’ve always done. The WAVE is using exercise, activity, food, a different culture and awe inspiring beauty to give you a system reboot so you walk away with a different outlook. Yes, it’s about weight loss, it’s about exercise, it’s about outdoor activities, it’s a fitness holiday, it’s about nutritious locally sourced food but this is a fitness and wellness holiday with a difference.


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