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Refunds & Returns

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If you cancel prior to 40-days before the start of the retreat you can transfer this to another retreat within the same year (either a 4-day or 7-day) subject to availability. Alternatively if you cancel before the 40 days prior to the retreat and there is no availability for other retreats, your deposit is refundable, less a 15% administration fee. If you have paid in full this will be refundable less 15% administration fee.

Full charges or deposits are not refundable if you cancel within 40 days of your scheduled arrival date. However if you can find an alternate to take your reservation they agree to all terms, conditions, and payment terms if they accept your reservation.

You will be charged in full for your reservation if you do not show at all, are late in your arrival or early in your departure.

After making a reservation you must complete a Health & Fitness Profile prior to your stay so that we may understand your medical history. We use this medical information to assess your ability and to see if we need to adjust anything for you. We do not share this information with any third party.

Deposit and cancellation terms are strictly applied and enforced.


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