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Castle Murray House, St. John’s, County Donegal

Castle Murray House, St. John’s, County Donegal 2017-06-02T10:59:41+00:00

County Donegal is the wild child of Ireland

There are several routes that you can take to reach our Donegal retreat. But be assured of one thing. Whatever compass point you approach from and not long after entering this northwest county, you will turn a corner, eyes wide and gasp at the rugged, breath-taking beauty that stretches out before you.

Inhale… Exhale. Your WAVE retreat experience has begun. We are waiting for you, not far down the road. You have entered the land of the Giants, where epic experiences await you. Your journey forward will lead you through vast swathes of countryside, right to the edge of the world and McSwyne’s Bay, where the land greets the sea with a mighty handshake.

Our team traversed the Wild Atlantic Way to source the finest spots to deliver this WAVE experience. Donegal’s Castle Murray House, sheltered against the wild Atlantic ocean in McSwyne’s Bay, Dunkineely was an immediate ‘Yes’ location. This family run, Boutique Guesthouse with its individually designed bedrooms provides a refuge of luxury and utter 20th Century comfort that is in sharp contrast to the wild and ancient landscape surrounding it. This landscape will impact you. It influences every element of life here, including language. People across Donegal have a favourite adverb they use for emphasis, to describe something they feel passionate about. Where we might choose ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ they use … ‘wild’.

Upcoming Retreats

From $1475 per person

The 4-day Retreat in Castle Murray House in Donegal is renowned for its high quality food and accommodation. When it comes to those who love exercise and activities as well those who consider themselves foodies this is a retreat for you. Immersion into the local culture is guaranteed when in Donegal.

Included in the package price are 4 nights accommodation, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. All exercise classes and organised activities are included. Guides, transport to and from activities, demonstrations are all included. Transport to and from Donegal airport is also included. Additional costs outside of retreat activities are at your own expense.

  • Twin room: $1800 p/p (2 sharing in a room with 2 single beds)
  • Double room: $1600 p/p (2 sharing in a room with 1 double bed)
  • Single occupancy: $2000 p/p (1 person in a room with 1 double bed)

Pay in total up front and receive a $125 discount…

…or pay $750 deposit.

It feels like time has stopped in this craggy, and utterly beguiling corner of Ireland. This is a place steeped in ancient history, where Ireland’s Gaelic chieftains resided. This is a place with miles and miles of golden, sandy Blue-flag beaches where you can surf, swim or simply chase huge rainbows that disappear into the horizon. Here you will find mountains to meditate with, gazing at offshore islands that stretch and disappear into the Atlantic.

Donegal is special. It presents endless opportunities to remember what it was like to truly be free. This is the place where you can escape to, simultaneously pushing and nurturing your whole self.

Wild experiences in the wildest, coolest place on earth. Are you ready?

How do I get to the Donegal Retreat Centre for the Wild Atlantic Vitality Experience? 2017-04-05T12:00:21+00:00

There are flights from Dublin (DBN) to Donegal twice per day (around lunchtime and then around 7-8pm) year round . Check specifics. Cost is around €60-€80 and takes about an hour. We can arrange transport from Donegal airport (not other airports) or from the main town of Donegal, Letterkenny.

If driving the exact address is:

Sat Nav Co-ordinates: N: 54.620740, W: 008.37515, Elev: 45m


Castle Murray House Boutique Guesthouse

St. Johns Point, Dunkineely , Co. Donegal, Ireland

Tel: +353749737022 (only for Directions not for information on the retreats)

What type of food is there at the WAVE? Do you cater for allergies?

Depending on the retreat the food may be vegetarian or ‘fishetarian” or omnivor but we will make sure to provide options for vegetarians and other dietary restrictions that can sometimes be challenging when traveling. Just be sure to tell us before hand. The Cliffs of Moher Retreat is a vegetarian retreat. Donegal 4-day is an omnivore retreat.

I’m going by myself is that okay?

Big time! You’ll meet people on this trip ranging from those at the retreat to other travelers to locals. If you want to book shared accommodations, we work hard to pair you with the right people.

What is the age range of guests?

We generally have people form mid-20s to early 50s. There are challenging activities and exercises so you need to be aware of your limits. However, nothing will be too extreme.

Is it only women or only men?

We prefer to have a good balance of both men and women, however, some retreats end up with more women than men or even just women. We provide exercises and activities that will challenge both genders equally and be enjoyable for all.

What should I pack?

Let’s face it, Ireland has weather that can baffle even we who have lived in Ireland all our lives. It can be high 20s (celsius) in Summer or mid-teens, or it could be Mid-20s at the end of October. Bring your workout gear of course. Bring hiking gear (hiking boots, water proofs, etc). Swimming gear. Sunblock (for the summer retreats). Rain wear. Shorts. Sunglasses. Expect everything! For women who want to try something different we have a Brazilian manufactured range of fitness gear at which you can view online and we can bring the items to the retreat for you to try (one size fits 6-12/14) with no pressure to buy.


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